Territorial dynamics

LET’s TER is the specific reference tool of the LET of geographic data that allows to see the dynamics and changes in the metropolitan territory by 10 socio-ecological and 10 socio-economic indicators for the available time series of each one.

The operation of LET’s TER is based on:
– To be a tool for consultation, visualization and download of the temporary geographic data of the Barcelona metropolitan system, which is accessible both by individuals, as members of the administration or public institutions.
– Have a data repository for different time series of the most significant socio-ecological and socio-economic indicators.
– Have information on the different units that make up the metropolitan area (36 municipalities), the metropolitan region (164 municipalities), counties and specific areas such as the B30 (23 municipalities).
– Ensure that data is governed by standards and specifications and that they comply with the concept of interoperability of geographic information.
– Have a metadata catalog that documents the geographic resources and allows the interoperability of the data collected from the organizations that contribute information to the platform.
– Prepare metadata in accordance with the international standard ISO19115 “Geographic Information Metadata” and more specifically with the NEM profile.
– Simultaneous and interactive visualization of the indicator data with a series of graphs for all three areas, as well as for each of the 164 municipalities of the metropolitan territory.

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