The Geographic Information System (LET’S GIS) is a reference space about the available databases at the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (36 municipalities), the B-30 Axis Zone (23 municipalities) and the Barcelona Metropolitan Region (164 municipalities). This tool aims to make possible the visualization, query, doswnload and analysis of the main socioecologic variables of the metropolitan territory. In addition, two more specific tools are provided: a historical map viewer, and a territorial dynamic viewer.

The main functions of LET’s GIS are:

  • To be a reference tool for visualization, query, analysis and downloading of geographic data of the metropolitan system of Barcelona, ​​accessible to individuals and technicians of the administration or public institutions.
  • Be a repository of data of significant indicators, generated within the framework of the integrated socio-ecological evaluation of the metropolis.
  • Collect data and reference cartography of the territory already published in different organizations and institutions that facilitate the consultation for the metropolitan area.
  • Have information on the different territorial units that make up the metropolitan area (36 municipalities), the metropolitan region (164 municipalities), or regions and specific areas such as the B30 (23 municipalities).
  • Ensure that data is apply standards and specifications so that they meet the concept of interoperability of geographic information.
  • Have an inventory of metadata that documents geographic resources and allows interoperability of data collected from organizations that provide information to the platform.
  • Prepare the metadata based on the international standard ISO19115 “Geographic Information Metadata” and more specifically with the NEM profile.
  • Develop a Planning Support System, at different spatial scales, that links the metabolic-territorial models developed by the LET with the GIS platform, and obtains quantitative and cartographic results of the models, facilitating the evaluation of territorial policy scenarios that are developed in the metropolis of Barcelona.

The goal of the platform is to be useful for different user profiles.

As a planning support tool, it is intended to be oriented to a professional profile, mainly members of the public administration. As a knowledge tool of the metropolitan system to members of the scientific community and students.

Therefore, complying with the global conceptual model of the LET, the GIS platform intends to fulfill the function of being a tool to provide criteria for the analysis of the metropolitan system, with the objective of influencing public policies and territorial planning.

On the other hand, the geographical viewer, that is interactive and that displays the information in a simple and clear way within the platform, also allows the private user or professionals from other sectors to consult and download the information they want. So therefore it allows to become a reference in the search for geographic information of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and the transfer of knowledge to citizens.

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